Jonny Blonde Food Truck

So there’s one thing about me that you have to know if you’re going to keep reading my blog. I love food and I support food trucks. I’ve been following the Hamilton food truck scene for a few years, way back when it was basically just a few trucks. I’m all for the independent business these food people are trying to establish for themselves. I don’t mind paying $8-10 a sandwich/plate because it goes to THE OWNERS; the people who actually serve me, not some corporation. Don’t get me wrong, if the food is crap I won’t pay for that, I’ll only pay that for quality. Let me tell you something, Jonny Blonde Food Truck is quality, I haven’t had a bad experience with them. I’ve been going to them for almost a year and they just celebrated their 1 year anniversary, so I’ve been a fan since the beginning essentially.

The truck is run by a guy and his girlfriend who are two of the nicest people I have met. I have noticed a few more people working in the truck recently and they too are really great people. I always enjoy myself whenever I visit their truck. I stalk their facebook page like it’s my job hoping they will be in my area and I can just walk on over and pick up the best flatbread sandwich ever.

The menu includes a variety of delicious sauces, flatbread sandwiches, skewers and sides, using quality, locally-raised, fire-grilled meats and local produce. The main food item is the flatbread sandwich. There are a number of different sandwiches you can get, such as the Peachy Blonde, Thai Blonde, Blonde Jerk as well as a few others. The thing I really like about their food is that there is an emphasis on delivering the best, freshest meal possible. They pick their own ingredients which not only makes it fresh and local, but makes it seem a lot more personal. Also, the flatbreads are homemade as well. Everything I have tried is exquisite and so tasty. I always feel so full after I eat there but I always want more. I try and savour every bite because even though it’s a huge sandwich, the experience is over faster than you realize because it was too good to eat slow. My personal favourites are the Peachy Blonde and the Blonde Jerk. I really love the sweet potato wedges as a side.

I really enjoy how there is a theme to the food truck by using the word “blonde” in the menu items as well as in the truck/company name. I’ve never really asked, but I’m assuming it’s because the chef has longer blonde hair.

Whenever I visit Jonny Blonde Food Truck I’m always greeted with friendly faces and it makes me happy knowing they remember me. It’s nice to be able to go to a food truck and have the owners remember your name and face. I get to hear stories about their travels and Jonny’s journey as a chef (which is really cool!).

I really enjoy seeing this food truck grow and establish a name for themselves in the Hamilton community as well as the food truck and culinary community. They recently just won Viewers Choice for View Magazine “Best Food Truck in Hamilton”



Peachy Blonde flatbread sandwich and sweet potato wedges with dip. YUM.


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